Top five famous people in Venice

Venice is home for most prominent people. The five famous people in Venice are:

Marco polo

He was born in Venice in 1254 and died at the age of 70 in Venice. Marco polo is known for being an Italian merchant who had the opportunity to travel to China and work under the emperor Kublai Khan. While in China, he had the chance to work in the courts, and it was through the hard work that he was given the authority to lead in some cities. He had the opportunity to work in various position sunder the emperor, including being an ambassador, representative, and governor.  It was after 24 years that he returned to Venice with wealth and tales on the culture of the Chinese people.  He acts as a significant inspiration to explorers such as Christopher Columbus that people could travel around the world and come back with wealth. His travels to china are covered in the book titled “Invisible cities.” In honor of his memory, the airport has been named Venice Marco polo Airport. 

Giacomo Casanova
He was born in 1725 and died in 1798 at the age of 73.  He is known as a writer, adventurer and a spy who was born in the eighteenth century. He is famously known as a womanizer because of his behavior; this came as a result of encountering sexual behavior at an early age. Other than being a womanizer, he was also a gambler. He had the opportunity to travel to Europe, where he entered the highest social circle. He did not have high social status but he had the opportunity of interacting with monarchs, aristocrats and cardinals. He is known for introducing the lottery system in France and he was a spy. The era of the European society during his time is covered in his memoire “Histoire de ma vie” which was written at the end of his life.

He is known as the Italian painter and a proponent of the Renaissance school. He was born in 1518 in Venice, Italy and died in 1594 in Venice. Through the combination of light and color in his paintings, he portrayed the Venetian school of paintings.  His work was prominent in the sixteenth century.  He learned his art of paining from Titan. During his interaction with him, he acquired the use of bold color.  Other than Titan he captured the use of structural procedure by Michelangelo and managed to blend the two techniques to form a different kind of painting. He was ambitious in the art of painting which led to him being known as “II Furioso”. Some of his famous paintings include “The Last Supper,” “paradise,” and “Vulcan Supprising Venus and Mars.”  His original name was Jacopo Comin. The most adorable painting is that of the last supper which he used imagery to express the power of the angels in lighting up a dark hall which Jesus and the apostles were seated. 

Giovanni Antonio Canal
He was born in 1697 and died in 1768 in Venice. He was an Italian painter. He was the prolific artist in the 18th-century ad. His nickname knew him of Canaletto. He earned his skill of painter from his father when he was young.  He had the opportunity to travel to Rome. Upon his return, he learned to paint topographic and cityscapes paintings. The art which made him popular was “the Stonemason’s Yard,” which showed his vision as a painter. 

Giovanni Bellini
He was an Italian Renaissance painter, and he started Quattrocento style before progressing to post-Giorgione techniques. He came from a famous Venetian artistic family. His father was Jacopo Bellini who was a renowned painter. Most of his famous paintings include “St. Jerome in the Desert”, “Crucifixions, “The Blood of the Redeemer and “Pietas.” He was ready to learn new techniques which made him transform into a landscape painter.  Some his work which exists to date includes “Feast of the Gods” and “San Giobbe Altarpiece.”